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Latino Bella is a premium-quality brand of Olive Oil and Olives which comes from Andalusia in Spain. Our proud product, Latino Bella Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the selected superior quality olives that are carefully grown, harvested and pressed within 24 hours after picking. Our time honored process helps to ensure that the oil is of the highest quality. We use the first cold-pressed oil that naturally has essential nutrients and a wonderful full-bodied flavor. Latino Bella is a great tasting and healthy choice for use in cooking or salads. Our authentic taste will inspire your love of food.

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Premium Quality From Spain

Latino Bella products are produced in Spain by Argo Sevilla, a cooperative of more than 4,000 farmers. Agro Sevilla is situated in the very heart of Andalusia, the region where most of Spain’s olive trees grow. Carefully tended trees stretch as far as the eye can see: it’s the largest cultivated orchard in the world. All the stages of the production process from planting, tending, harvesting, manufacturing through to distribution all strictly comply with global standards for quality assurance. Latino Bella proudly brings the highest quality products from Spain to Vietnamese customers.

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Inspire the Love of Food

You will find a collection of tasty and healthy recipes with easy-to-follow instructions that will inspire your love of food.

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Olive herbs naan

  • 30 pcs Spanish Black olives (sliced) Latino Bella Olives
  • 500 g Naan DoughRefined flour
  • 10 g Salt Sugar
  • 10 g Butter
  • 100 g Curd
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How to use Extra Virgin for baby food?

How to use Extra Virgin for baby food?

You may use a little olive oil in your baby food recipes from 6 months of age. As per guidelines…

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